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Dizzy Pig Departure Series IPA


My good friends at Dizzy Pig Barbeque Company sent me their new line of rubs from their Departure Series. As a craft beer lover, I was interested in cooking with their IPA Hop Infused Seasoning Blend first. I wanted to cook something simple, allowing the focus to be on the rub not the dish. Watching Susan and […]

EGGtoberfest 2015

Food Exploration

Well, I have been at this Big Green Egg thing for a few years now, and as most of you know, I love the BGE community. I have been to some regional Big Green Egg festivals before but had yet to make the pilgrimage to Atlanta, GA for the mother of all Big Green Egg […]

Big Green Egg Shrimp Tacos


I wanted to make something easy and delicious for Taco Tuesday this week featuring seafood. The last recipe I made was for Fish Tacos and that turned out great. This time I set my attention to shrimp and came up with this simple yet savory recipe. Now sit back, grab a cold Tecate, and enjoy […]

Big Green Egg Stuffed Zucchini


Dinner last night was a classic Pantry Night here in the Buddha household. I had some really good sausages on hand and wanted to do something different with them. Looking around in the refrigerator I found my inspiration… Zucchini’s! Finding a way to bridge the two ingredients took a little more digging in the pantry. I am happy […]

Big Green Egg Mixed Grill

Chicken, Seafood

Last Sunday we had some family coming over and wanted to make a mixed grill to feed everyone. For this cook I went with bone-in chicken thighs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. The trick to a cook like this is timing and grilling space. No worries as I was able to navigate both and come […]

2015 Harpoon Championships of New England BBQ

Food Exploration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cook at a BBQ festival for 1000’s of people?! Have you watched countless food competition shows and thought to yourself “how exciting would it be to cook competitively”? Well, I have and when I got the call to join the Dizzy Pig BBQ Competition Team […]

Big Green Egg Honey Lime Chicken Kabobs


I am just getting back from my weekend in Windsor, Vermont cooking and supporting the Dizzy Pig BBQ Competition Team at the 2015 Harpoon Championships of NE Barbeque. I wanted to cook something easy but savory to get my week started. I spent a good deal of my time this weekend helping to sell some of the […]

Best Big Green Egg Turkey Burgers


As the holiday weekend approaches, I wanted to cook something both easy and tasty before heading out of town for a much needed break. I know everyone has a recipe for Turkey Burgers and swears that their recipe is juicy and not dry. Well, I am here to tell you THIS recipe for Turkey Burgers […]

DizzyFest 8 Experience

Food Exploration

  This past weekend Debbie and I spent the day at DizzyFest 8 which is a semi-annual festival in Northern Virginia celebrating all things Big Green Egg. We had never been to an EggFest and really didn’t know what to expect. What we experienced was a day surrounded by people who love to cook, love to cook […]