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Find easy bbq recipes that not only produce great dishes, but teach you how to grill anything by feel. Learn to use the five senses so you can grill well in any environment.

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Learn how to grill or smoke in any environment.

Know when your food is finished cooking by sight and touch.

Learn how to forget about time and temperature.

Learn how to make recipes from scratch by balancing the five taste sensations.

Grill a perfect steak every time!

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I’m Chris Sussman

aka : the bbq buddha

I love to cook, eat, drink and have a good time. When you work with me it’s all about working hard but playing harder. My focus has been on the journey, not the destination. The way I’ve learned is by making mistakes and then doing it again and again until I mastered it. If you love to cook, you have found the right place to be.

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