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Do The Brisket Blues Have You Down?

Tired of dry, tasteless meat continuing to be your nemesis?

Well, you can learn to get great results on your grill or smoker every single time.

You work a full time job, have kids, friends, and a significant other to think about. How can you possibly put in the time to learn how to be an expert on the grill?

Don’t you wish you had a coach or mentor that could cut through the noise and help you achieve BBQ greatness?!

That's where I come in!

Photo of Chris Sussman, The BBQ Buddha

I’m Chris Sussman

AKA : The BBQ Buddha

I work with all kinds of live fire environments, from charcoal and gas grills to commercial grade smokers, and everything in-between. I have mastered the art of grilling in order to help people just like you get up to speed quickly and become the star of your next backyard BBQ.

My focus is to teach you, through my recipes and yours, how to use your 5 senses to produce great results on your grill or smoker. Move past things like time and temperature and learn to use the environment around you to produce amazing BBQ every time.

The personal stats:

In addition to being a pit master, I am a musician and play multiple instruments including guitar, bass, and drums. I am married and have two incredible children as well as two French Bulldogs (Yoda and Obi) that we adore.

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