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Kick Ash Basket Review

Kick Ash Basket Review

The New & Improved 2015 Kick Ash Basket just arrived! I have been using my Large Big Green Egg for a couple of years now. As most Egg Heads do, I started with the parts and pieces that came with the BGE and added things as I learned more. Most of the items I have added are useful and help me in some way. Few of them have impact on every single cook I do on my BGE, but this is one of them! The Kick Ash Basket is not only a great idea but a must have for all Big Green Egg users! This one piece of equipment changed the way I setup my cook and got me back precious time I need.

Kick Ash Basket Review
My new Kick Ash Basket has arrived!

Kick Ash Basket Review

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Deciding to ditch your gas grill and cook on a Kamado style cooker is a commitment. In fact, you could say it is a commitment to excellence! But along with that commitment is work. As you get used to setting up the Big Green Egg for your cooks you look to optimize the time it takes for you to get up and running. Let’s call it for what it is, you want to eat that delicious BBQ you are about to cook!

Enter in the Kick Ash Basket. I bought mine a couple of months ago as I grew tired of seeing a lot of my friends in Big Green Egg Nation use this new tool. I resisted at first asking myself, “What’s wrong with the Ash Tool I already have”! Well, once I had the Kick Ash Basket I knew right away what I had been missing. The ability to shake the basket, removing the ash and small debris was a real time saver. In addition, it couldn’t have been easier. If there was anything easier than raking the lump charcoal with the Ash Tool this was it!

Kick Ash Basket Review
Original Kick Ash Basket

Chad (from Kick Ash Basket) reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their new and improved design. The new basket he had for me to try had a significantly larger wire diameter than the original and could now be used with or without your lower charcoal grate. Wait a minute (I asked myself) how could they have made the Kick Ash basket any better?! Well, Chad just did…

Kick Ash Basket Review
New and improved Kick Ash Basket

Not having to remove the lower charcoal grate after each cook just simplified another task allowing me to get setup and cooking faster! This was brilliant and I had to try it out for the first time to see how well this worked.

Kick Ash Basket Review
Original setup of my large BGE with Kick Ash Basket

I removed the lump charcoal, removed the original Kick Ash Basket, and began to clean up the Large Egg.

Kick Ash Basket Review
Big Green Egg Grill Grate

After removing the Grill Grate it was time to clean up all the Ash that had fallen below.

Kick Ash Basket Review
Ash at the bottom of the BGE

Next, I placed the new and improved Kick Ash Basket in the Fire Box.

Kick Ash Basket Review
Place the new and improved Kick Ash Basket in

Now it was time for me to load this up with Lump Charcoal and test this new Kick Ash Basket out!

Kick Ash Basket Review
Load the basket up!

Lighting the Lump Charcoal is easy and lights quickly with improved air flow. I was up and ready to cook right away!

Kick Ash Basket Review
Lighting the coal is easy!

Now that the Big Green Egg was setup and lit I had to cook something right?!?! Well it just so happens that May is National Hamburger Month so inspiration was not far away. The juicy burgers below were Greek Burgers made with Lamb, Ground Beef, and Feta that tasted fantastic… you’d even say they “Kicked Ash”!

Kick Ash Basket Review
My first cook with the basket – Greek Burgers!

To order a Kick Ash Basket click HERE!

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3 comments on “Kick Ash Basket Review

  1. Hello
    Had my egg for 16 yrs . Came up with a component system. Debuting at Georgia Mountain Eggfest this coming weekend. Sent event coordinator a sample of flagship product last week..loves it! The Elevated Charcoal Grate. It just makes sense! Check it out. turbostream.net

  2. I have an XL sized Big Green Egg. The information on the Kick Ash Basket for that size says to use the bottom coal grate. To me that eliminates one of the benefits of the product. I tried contacting Kick Ash, but they never responded to why the different directions for this size. Do you have any thoughts?