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Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review

As a member of the official Big Green Egg Social Media team (BGE Team Green) I am lucky to try new products before they are available. The rumors of their new rotisserie kit have been circulating for years and now it is finally here! I set up the rotisserie on my Big Green Egg XL and did a test cook for this review. So, sit back, grab yourself a whole chicken, and enjoy this post for Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review.

Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review


I am happy to report there are very few moving parts to this rotisserie kit. From unboxing to getting it all setup took me 5 minutes. 

Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review

The motor is small and compact making setup and storage easy! When running the motor to test this rotisserie out I noticed how quiet it was. 

The rotisserie ring fits perfectly on to the base of my Big Green Egg XL. Placing the rod and meat hooks in place was self explanatory. 

Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review

I setup the Big Green Egg with a 2-zone grilling setup (direct side & indirect side) with the direct side facing towards the back of the Firebowl. This helps manage the temperature during a long cook. 

Cooking a chicken on a rotisserie is easy and produces amazing results. This took me 90 minutes using this setup to get a delicious and juicy chicken. 

Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review

In closing this new rotisserie kit is a great addition to my Big Green Egg lineup. I am excited to use this for more than just chicken! As for purchasing one, I know the Big Green Egg platinum and gold dealers are getting these in first so check with your local Big Green Egg retailer to get yours today!

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12 comments on “Big Green Egg Rotisserie Kit Review

  1. Thank you for your review—good job. Can’t wait to get one. I’ve been waiting for a BGE rotisserie accessory forever. The 2-zone fire set up is a great idea!!!!

  2. Thank you for the review. I have a rotisserie kit on the way for my XL BGE, but my grill in a spot that may/may not work with this without a small modification.

    How much length is added to each side of your BGE with the rotisserie in place?

    I’m trying to determine if I need to get a stone or two under my BGE so the rotisserie rod clears the sides of where the grill is housed.

      1. Thank you. Seems like I will need to make a minor adjustment for the rotisserie to fit for me. I’ll have to knock that out before the Super Bowl.

  3. Hi! I’m getting an XL BGE this month and having a rotisserie is a huge selling point for me…but I can’t find them anywhere, not even at my local dealer. Were these discontinued?