Smoked Sous Vide Brisket Flat
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
This recipe for Smoked Sous Vide Brisket Flat is a great way to fuse modernist cuisine with good old fashioned BBQ. This produces tender, moist, and smokey brisket!
  • 5lbs Brisket Flat
  • BBQ Rub
  • Pickles, onions, baked beans for garnish
  1. Trim the brisket flat down to ¼" of fat cap
  2. Slice the flat in two equal pieces
  3. Cover with your favorite BBQ rub
  4. Seal each piece in vacuum sealer
  5. Preheat sous vide to 155°
  6. Submerge brisket flat in sous vide for 36 hours
  7. Remove brisket pieces and place in the fridge overnight to cool
  8. Remove brisket pieces from vacuum seal and reserve juice for mop and/or BBQ sauce
  9. Preheat Big Green Egg to 250° using indirect cooking
  10. Add wood chunks and wait until thin blue smoke is billowing from the BGE (about 30 minutes)
  11. Place brisket in the smoker and let smoke for 3-3.5 hours until bark forms and brisket measures 185°
  12. Pull and let rest for 15-30 minutes under foil tent
  13. Slice and serve
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